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Watch the video of Project Sign at ARMComm vimeo channe

 Post Sign and Neo post Sign & 2 additional tracks White Sands and Project Sign  made in the same time period available now as a new combined download 22 tracks & original A5 CD Booklet 

Post Sign ARM CD O1

Is a collection of material recorded after the release of Sign the last of the DVA releases on the Italian
Label Contempo. Produced and composed by Adi Newton throughout 1995 / 6 in Florence & Milan during a transitional period in the chronology of DVA.Due to circumstantial events These recordings remained as primary bases for later development intended as an instrumental companion Album to Sign, similar in
concept to the Instrumental Album Digital Soundtracks, I felt that these recordings although un nished represented a point in time that contained a series of emotions and paradigms that these recordings capture,Coming back to them after more than a Decade I did not want to try and re work them, as those ideas and feelings have developed to something new and rather letting them remaining in obscurity it would be more positive to release them in their original form , the drawings reveal the core,the latent intentions.
This Edition includes a 28 page Booklet that is the continuation of the sleeve notes originally released on the DVA album SIGN and explores the occult and suppressed information that surrounds the themes explored on SIGN and on POST SIGN .