CLOCKDVA / HOROLOGY 1 / 5 x 5 LP sets


CLOCKDVA / HOROLOGY 1 /  4 x 4 Single LP & 4 x double LP sets of very limited Single issue Horology 1 vinyl LPs available as single issues / signed editions by requested.

The Pieces on these 6 Lp gives you the true picture of DVA,s Development and Chronology and leads you to the earliest s roots of New Wave and Industrial Music, a time when only a Handful of true pioneers where working such as Throbbing Gristle / Pere Ubu / The Pop Group / Cabaret Voltaire.
These recordings will change your perception of Clock DVA and give you access to music that defies categorisation, music that is both melody and Anti Melody, Noise and pure form Acousmatic, HOROLOGY I / A chronology of Dvation 1978/1979/1980.